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Fresh & Chilled Steamboat Food Supplier in Malaysia

Are you looking for a steamboat supplier that offers a wide range of delicious and high-quality ingredients for your steamboat or hotpot meal? We specialize in providing various fresh products, including fish balls, dumplings, yong tau foo, and fish cake.

We understand that the key to a great steamboat or hotpot meal is the quality of the ingredients, which is why we monitor the process from fishing to the production, drying and packaging process. Our fish balls are made with only the freshest yellow eel fish to suit your taste. 

Our sekinchan yong tau foo selection includes a range of stuffed vegetables, such as tofu, bitter gourd, and eggplant, which are filled with fish paste and make a delicious and healthy addition to your meal. And our fish cakes, made with fresh yellow eel fish, are the perfect complement to any steamboat or hotpot dish. As a fresh and chilled steamboat food supplier, we take pride in providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We have the perfect ingredients to make your steamboat or hotpot meal successful. Contact us today to place your ready-to-eat food in order!