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About Mimi Fish Ball

  1. What products does Mimi Fish Ball mainly produce?

  • Mimi Fish Balls mainly produce fish dumplings, fish paste with veggie rolls, fish paste with meat rolls, fish paste ruler, fish balls, fish noodles, fried big balls, fried fish cakes, fuchok with fish paste, long fuchok, fried small tofu, and various types of Yong Tofu.

  1. Why Mimi Fish Balls?

  • The most important thing the founder of Mimi Fish Ball pays attention to is the freshness of the product. The purpose of Mimi Fish Balls is not to sell anything that is not edible to us.


  1. How to store Mimi Fish Ball products?

  • Refrigerate in -3 degrees to 3 degrees - fish dumplings, fish paste with vege rolls, fish paste with meat rolls, fish paste ruler, fish balls, fish noodles, fried big balls, fried fish cakes, long fuchok, fried small tofu, and various types of yong tofu

  • Can be frozen – fuchok with fish paste

  1. How long can the product be stored?

  • In order to ensure that all our customers taste the best texture and taste, we recommend eating all fresh food within 4 to 5 days.

  1. What materials are used to make Mimi Fish Ball products?

  • We mainly use yellow eel to make fish balls, fish dumplings, and vegetable rolls, while Yong Tofu is made by yellow eel and Zhongli (Slipper fish).

  1. Does it contain any preservatives?

  • Contains a little edible preservative.

  1. How should Mimi Fish Ball products be cooked?

  • The four kings, fish balls, fish noodles and yong tofu are all suitable for hot pot and soup.

  • Fish dumplings and Yong Tofu can be fried and eaten


  1. Which area do you deliver to?

  • Only the Klang Valley area.

  1. What if I am not there when you deliver the goods?

  • We will arrange our delivery itinerary in advance and provide you with our estimated delivery time, but the arrival time will be delayed due to various external factors. So, we suggest that if you are not at home, please arrange for your family, friends or neighbours to help you receive it. (We will not be responsible for any consequences after the goods are sent)

  1. Can I change my delivery address?

  • Yes, but you must notify 3 days in advance.

  • Changing the address may change the delivery date.

  • Reminder: An order can only have one delivery address. Changing the address on the day of delivery is not acceptable. For example, "If the arrival time of the goods exceeds the working hours, please send the goods to another address."


  1. What payment methods can be used?

  • We accept bank transfer, credit card or bank card payment

  1. Can the order be changed?

  • Reasonable modification of order is allowed, provided it before 3 days of the order cut-off date.

  • Order cancellation after order cut-off date is strictly non-refundable or transferable.

  • If you need to modify your order, kindly contact our Customer Service (Whatsapp 01) before order cut-off.


Refund & Return

  1. What if the goods I received are missing, wrong or broken?

  • Kindly contact us within 24 hours of delivery and provide a photo of the following:

  • the paper invoice that attached to your order, and

  • the item(s) received

  • Our customer service will assist you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.