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Fishball Food Processing Factory in Sekinchan

Mimi Fish Ball was established in 2004. Mimi —— represents Ms. Hing Siew Loong, the founder of Mimi Fish Balls. Ms. Hing Siew Loong was engaged in the fish ball and fish dumpling industry when she was young and later established a fish ball fresh food processing factory with a joint stock, but for some reason, Ms. Hing Siew Loong chose to withdraw from the store. Since her family is not wealthy, Ms. Hing Siew Loong is eager to make money to support her family and raise her children, so Ms. Hing Siew Loong decided to start her own business with the assistance of her sister.

Fishball Food Manufacturing Companies in Sekinchan

In the early days of entrepreneurship, Ms. Hing Siew Loong used limited funds to start her entrepreneurial journey at a small wharf in Bagan, Sekinchan. Although the place and equipment are simple, Ms. Hing Siew Loong has earned the trust and support of customers among other competitors based on her years of experience in making fish balls and dumplings. The trust and support of customers have motivated Ms. Hing Siew Loong to continue developing it. In 2013, Mimi Fish Ball moved to a factory with more space capacity and introduced new machines to increase production. While increasing the production volume, we still need to ensure the quality of the products just to let the customers eat the best fish balls and dumplings. Contact the best fishball food manufacturing company in Sekinchan now.

The original intention and philosophy of the company's establishment

Provide the best quality products to customers. If you can’t eat your products, don’t sell them to customers.

The quality of the product is absolutely more important than making money. Once there is quality, sales comes by itself.

Harmony among the company’s employees is very important. The owners of Mimi Fish Ball believe that harmony will bring more enthusiasm to their employees, and thus will bring better product quality to customers.

Company Milestone

The Founder

Mimi Fish Ball Enterprise, created by Miss Hing with the nickname Mimi. She was born and raised in Sekinchan. When she was a young child, she worked multiple jobs due to her family financial constraints, and in return shaped up her resilience and hardworking personality until today. After working more than 10 years, she met a noble person in her life and inspired her "It's not the way to work for others like this”. Hence, she decided to start up Mimi Fish Ball by investing all her savings. 

Mimi Fish ball has been established for 18 years and is expanding with bigger team size year by year. Existing Mimi Fish Ball operating system is running systematically and supported by many loyal fans. The principle of Mimi Fish Ball is: "Never ever sell food that we ourselves can't consume to others". 

Additionally, Mimi Fish Ball has a slogan: “Warm Stomach. Happy Family. Blissfulness is there”, meaning that Mimi Fish Balls not only bring delicious foods to every customer, but also happiness & blissfulness.